Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

How many backlinks does your site need to have in order to rank high with the search engines? Interesting question, isn’t it? It popped in my mind when I first started to notice my site getting higher rankings.

I have been witnessing my blog go up in the rankings from being on 6th page on “Internet Marketing Mastermind” search listings to moving up to the 3rd, 2nd and finally to the first page of Google and Yahoo.

I have done a lot of SEO research throughout the past couple of months and the term “backlinks” was practically beaten into my huge, wooden head. I have been obsessed with backlinks for about two weeks, if I remember correctly, until I have realized that if I produce quality content, which is more interesting to read than most of my competitors’, I would have no problem with SEO and Ranking High with Google, because great content goes Viral.

Exactly one and a half weeks later, I have realized that an incredible thing had happened! I WAS RIGHT! It rarely happens, but it does, and this time I was actually right! My traffic grew, sales, sign ups, subscriptions, you name it. So, does it mean that backlinks are the Holy Grail of SEO?

YES! Backlinks are vitally important for high search engine rankings. Don’t get me wrong though, Meta tags, description and tags are also very important, but if you got those optimized right, all you have left with are backlinks.

Backlinks, actually, are what Google uses in order to find out whether your website can be trusted. They are actually what signals of your authority and tells the search engines what other websites think of you. Backlinks are like Testimonials for your website being legit, spam free and safe place for people to be spending their time on. Backlinks are what you might consider your hotel’s “star rating”-if you have a lot of them than it is a five star hotel, if not, than it is probably a motel six. 백링크

If you are new, or just launched a website, here are some of the things you might want to do right now, before you continue promoting it.

Download & Install Google Toolbar. There are a few reasons you might want to do it. For starters you will be able to access your Gmail and Google Bookmarks from anywhere and Second(and most important) you will have instant Page Rank data about the websites you are visiting. Why is that important? Let me give you an example.

You are on your Backlink mission, looking for blogs to post comments on, and it looks like you found one. It looks professional and stylish with fancy RSS Feed buttons in the top right corner. However, will it do you any good if you post a comment on a low page rank blog? Hardly… It even might screw things up for you. Therefore, what you do, is you check with your Google Toolbar what page rank does this blog have and by judging on the data you get, you can decide whether it is even worth your time to post a comment in the first place.



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